about  BBQ  CHEF

He is also a BBQ chef.
He has gained a wealth of knowledge and skills in traditional Japanese charcoal-fire grilling, and has over 300 original BBQ recipes. Japanese and international guests enjoy his special BBQ.
In addition, his BBQ style, where you can enjoy the unique scenery of the four seasons while borrowing the scenery, will allow you to enjoy a deeper Japanese impression.

①For guests around the world

Guests who come to Japan from around the world can enjoy Japanese traditional BBQ cuisine using seasonal Japanese ingredients and local ingredients, as well as Japanese traditional BBQ culture.
His BBQ, which is based on “Gomi, Goho, Goshoku,” which is a technique of devoted cooking that represents Japanese food, is a BBQ unique to Japan that you want to experience at least once.
You can enjoy BBQ cuisine unique to “BBQ chef Sakaki” who is familiar with Japanese charcoal-fire grilled dishes with a history of 10,000 years.

②For domestic guests

His BBQ has been widely ordered for various parties, and company trips and wedding party.
In addition to the traditional BBQ in Japan, you can enjoy BBQ tailored to your needs, from casual BBQ style of one hand or one dish to BBQ full course.
There are many requests for his BBQ performance, and we will respond as much as possible within the adjustable range of the schedule.

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