about  SAKAKI’S  LAB

The origin of BBQ Professor Sakaki’s activities is “Basic research on BBQ”.He conducts basic BBQ research activities every day to promote BBQ culture. He does scientific research on barbecue history and cultural anthropology, as well as barbecue techniques.He is studying the evolution of open-fire grilling when humans started using fire 100,000 years ago. He also eats open fire grilled dishes from all over Japan, studies local history, rethinks the value and charm of modern barbeques themselves, and organizes them systematically.

He also studies traditional local cuisine. And he studies the value of charcoal-grilled dishes in the whole food culture.
The results of these studies have been used in his professor and chef activities.
His BBQ is always science-backed.

BBQ of the world

Every country in the world has its own BBQ. BBQ is basically “open-fire cooking”, a cooking method that has continued from the beginning in many parts of the world. Since the birth of the word BBQ, the word BBQ has spread throughout the world and is a food culture nurtured in a original style.There is an image of BBQ = United States, but of course, in the United States, BBQ is a traditional dish that should be called national food, but it is not the “root of BBQ”.

BBQ of Japan

Please click here “Wa-BBQ(Japanese traditional BBQ history and culture)

The origin of BBQ

Mankind has discovered fire and developed ways to cook it with fire.Open-fire grills such as the BBQ have been termed “barbecues” since Columbus discovered a new continent in 1492.
The Taino tribe of Heidi in the Caribbean West Indies used “Barbacoa” for cooking over open fire.
This was a term for the whole structure, such as a bed or a house.
In the Awarak language used in northeastern South America, houses of such a structure were called “barbcoa”.
The word “grid structure” throughout the Caribbean is spelled “Barbacoa” in Spanish and is used to bake and dry food.
Later, the Spanish word “barbacoa” became a term for grilled food, and later became the English word for “barbecue.”

The Barbecue, heard in the Caribbean and translated into Spanish and then into English, spread during the early days of modern America.
In the 16th century, barbecue, originally intended for “open-fire grilled cuisine,” changed to “party for cooking outdoors.”
There is a theory that today’s barbecue prototypes were born in the American Virginia colony in the 17th century, but it is clear that the 17th and early 18th centuries were the origins of modern barbecue.
* Excerpt from “Premium @ BBQ” Author: Soji, Published: Sanei Shobo, Published October 21, 2012 ”

Japanese BBQ buried in the times

In modern society, is there any chance to eat “open-fire grilled dishes” on a daily basis besides BBQ outdoors?
In fact, due to the development of home cooking appliances and the evolution of cooking methods, open fire grilled dishes are buried in the tide of the times.
Open fire grill → boil and bake → fry → microwave. It is the evolution of human cooking.Especially in modern times, cooking methods other than open fire are the basics, mainly due to changes in the structure of the house, but are no longer everyday familiar cooking methods.

In fact, this “how to bake using direct fire” is a technique that should be handed down.However, in Japan, “Everyone is easy and delicious” has been emphasized. Therefore, it has been considered that using modern cooking utensils is an advanced and good thing. As a result, the technique of “open fire” was not correctly inherited.To reconsider the harmony between the very simple but deep “open fire” technique and the natural blessings of the local land. He is working on the development and establishment of such a barbecue culture.