He is a very famous BBQ expert in Japan and a BBQ research expert. Because, for the first time in Japan, he studied BBQ not only in recipes, but also historically and culturally. And he started teaching knowledge and technology for the first time in Japan.

He has started BBQ seminars since 1999 in Japan and has organized BBQ seminars at various levels, from beginners to Chef.He teaches about 2,000 people the BBQ knowledge and skills annually. He has taught BBQ to more than 30,000 people so far. (as of 2019).

He teaches technique and knowledge of BBQ using charcoal, which is indispensable for BBQ in Japan. In recent years, it has attracted interest from world as well, and has spread the appeal of charcoal-grilled BBQ in Japan to the world.

“Seminar name: BBQ MASTER’S ACADEMY” is a training program for those who want to master BBQ, and is the high level seminar in Japan. Students range from barbecue hobbyists to professional cooks.
In his BBQ seminar, students can learn BBQ scientifically and practically, and after taking the course, BBQ skills will improve dramatically.
This seminar are held once a year in East Japan, West Japan, and Hokkaido.

In addition, since 2019, BBQ Professional Training Seminar “BBQ CHEF’S ACADEMY” has been held individually on request at a higher level than “BBQ MASTER’S ACADEMY”.

He is the best BBQ expert in Japan that makes use of Japanese seasonal ingredients. And he is an expert in Japanese traditional fire-grilled local cuisine.

He is also studying local food culture all over the country to pass on traditional Japanese grilled food to the next generation. We also actively engage in food education for children through BBQ.

His knowledge and skills have contributed to the development of Japanese food culture.

Main activities as BBQ professor

・ Lecturer at BBQ seminar
・ BBQ demonstration
・ Stage BBQ show
・ BBQ related activities in the media
・ Promotion support
・ Planning and supervision of BBQ events
・ Planning and support for regional promotion by BBQ
・ Development of BBQ recipe
・ Planning and development of BBQ related products
・ Educational activities
・ Other activities related to BBQ

At the request of local governments and companies, he is involved in the promotion of distinctive product promotion and high value-added services, as well as holding seminars and lectures, such as employee and industry study meetings.
He also promotes outdoor leisure, mainly BBQ, and promotes it.

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